5 Ways to Stay Healthy at Work, from a Certified Franklin Chiropractor

You might think that a chiropractor is only interested in keeping your back pain-free. However, chiropractors are interested in a more holistic, mind-body approach to medical care. Chiropractors can help you to incorporate healthy behaviors throughout your day that will impact your overall health.

Some simple lifestyle changes can help to keep you, including your back, healthy. And a major part of most people’s days is spent at work. Employees today are under more stress than ever before. Regular work hours have become blurred with a constant connection to the office via email, texting and cell phones.

Frequent screen use can cause backaches, headaches, and eye strain. Poor posture from leaning over a computer keyboard can cause neck and shoulder pain.

Working on computers for much of the day has become a necessity for most jobs. But there are ways you can avoid negative effects from this and have more energy during your day.

5 Ways to Stay Healthy at Work:

1. Eat nutritious foods

There’s no better way to zap your energy than to start your day with a high carbohydrate, sugary treat. Skip the breakroom donuts and pack yourself a healthy snack.

If you’re not hungry, those breakroom goodies will not be as much of a temptation. Aim for snacks that will give you a boost of protein; such as a handful of nuts, hard-boiled eggs, or yogurt.

2. Take walking breaks

Getting up from time to time and stretching your legs won’t only help you physically, but it will also help your concentration. Take the long way to the bathroom, take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Go for a 5-minute walk outside for your break, rather than checking out those breakroom goodies. You’ll find you are refreshed in your mind and your body if you incorporate some walking breaks in your day and give your eyes a break Constantly staring at a screen causes eye strain. An easy rule to remember is every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

3. Try a standing desk

Some people have had success with a higher work surface where they can stand up while they work. This may not be for everyone, but some people have found that it leads to less back pain and more energy.

4. At desk exercises

There are simple exercises you can do at your desk to help with your flexibility and strength. Some examples are leg raises, chair dips, foot drills and shoulder raises.

5. Work ergonomically

Be sure your working environment is ergonomically friendly. Your feet should be flat on the floor, your knees should be bent at hip level, your hands should be at or below elbow level and your monitor should be an arm’s length away from your face.


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